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Garage Car Lift Installation In Chicago

Do you want to instantly increase the amount of space available in your garage? Our garage car lifts are the ideal solution.  We proudly offer Titan® brand car lifts, which are high-quality 4-post lifts. They are ideal if you want to work on your vehicle or simply double your garage’s vehicle capacity without resorting to a costly renovation or off-site storage.

The Titan® lift is a premium solution at a competitive price. They are superior in every way to the economy lifts you’ll find being sold online. Even better, the car lifts come with a solid warranty for your peace of mind.

The Titan® lift has an 8,000 lb. capacity and an attractive powder coat finish.

Titan® Car Lifts Key Features

  • Includes approach ramps
  • Includes drip trays
  • Includes heavy duty jack tray
  • Includes wheel stops
  • Lock ladder column design
  • Motor mounting configurations
  • Special bends in columns
  • Wider access between runways
  • Hidden cables in cross tubes
  • Single point lock release
  • Lock ladder design
  • Double lock safety system

Our custom “Car Lift Rig” makes the installaiton process fast, safe and efficient. 
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