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Natural Flake
Mineral Flake

Installing Garage Floor Coatings In Chicago & Surrounding Areas

Garage Flooring that’s Beautiful but Tough

For over a decade, EncoreGarage has been providing homeowners with stunning garage floors. Now you can choose from our large range of floors for your own garage to show it off in all its glory.

When it comes to garage floors, looking great is only the start. Our garage floors are durable and designed to last due to our high-grade FLEXCore hybrid polymer technology.

It doesn’t chip, peal, or wear away, and it’s also easy to look after so you can keep it in perfect condition with ease.

What’s more, our garage floors are fast to install—we can typically install your floor in 24 to 48 hours. And after the floor is installed, we’ll get your garage back in order in no time so you can enjoy your beautiful new floor straight away.

Advantages of Our FLEXCore
Garage Floor Coating System

  • UV Stable so will not yellow or fade
  • Excellent shine and gloss retention
  • Exceptional impact and abrasion resistance
  • Better chemical resistance
  • Non-slip surface even when wet
  • Environmentally friendly & VOC compliant
  • Non-porous Strong and flexible

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Decorative Flake

Our Decorative Flake floors create the striking appearance of granite right in your garage. Our highly durable coating system ensures your flooring will not peel or wear through, and the hybrid polymer composition bonds tight to the concrete for a long-lasting solution.

The contemporary finish holds up well against stains, liquids, and extremes of heat. It’s also UV stable so your floor won’t fade over time.

We’ve got a huge selection of flake blends to choose from, including Graphite, Thunder, Blue Mist, and many more. Take a look at our wide range of designs below, and customize your garage just the way you want it.

Volcanic Beach
Blue Mist
Terra Cotta
Natural Flake

If you would rather a more natural appearance for your garage floor, our Natural Flake designs are just what you need. While the Decorative Flake designs provide you with more color, Natural Flake provides a more subtle appearance.

Choose from Lunai Gray, Maui Blue, Pumice, and many more styles. They are subtle, stylish, and designed to add a touch of class to your garage. And as with all our floors, they are highly durable and won’t fade.

Lunai Gray
Maui Blue
Pali Brown
Mineral Flake

Our Micas Flake range is bold and beautiful. The deep blacks and striking patterns are exactly what you need if you want to make a striking impression on your visitors.  These unique metallic flakes are derived from natural silicate materials know as mica.  These distinctive flakes provide a natural metallic luster to garage flooring systems that can not be achieved through any other process.

Because all our garage floors are tough, they will stay looking great for a long time. They can put up with any amount of foot traffic, spills, stains, and more. Nothing will dull them, making them a long-lasting solution for your garage floor.


Our Metallic-Metallic garage floors are completely different from our other designs. These calming, swirling patterns will create a stylish appearance to any garage, converting it into a place you’ll want to spend more time.

Our innovative approach uses a mixture of two reflector colors including a primary color combined with a Pearl accent to achieve what we call a Marble-Metallic finish – a finish you won’t find anywhere else.  With a selection of beautiful designs to choose from, including Whale, Rum, Bamboo, and more, there is something for every taste. Now you can enjoy a real work of art on your garage floor.